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Stonebridge Fine Art - Strain
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Art is very personal. Our criteria is that artwork has to be unique and collectable.

Most of all, our artists are nationally or internationally recognized. You'll see their work in publications like Architectural Digest.

Early on, we realized our customers were bringing us artwork to frame that they had purchased in New York, Miami or Venice. So we said, "Why don't we go to these markets and bring the artwork back to Franklin and Middle Tennessee?" Now, we go to the major art markets around the country and find new artists and artworks that are unique and collectable.

For example, when we go to the New York art market, there will be hundreds of artists there with original oil paintings. We may look at 300 paintings per hour for 8 hours, then come back and do the same thing for another full day. Again, we're looking for unique images, color, and size. This is my passion. My wife and I are like two kids in a candy store.
The Gallery is located in the Factory at Franklin, a group of specialty shops where the owners personally greet you. The exposed ceiling and concrete floors are just like they were in 1915 when the building was used for stove manufacturing. We chose this location because it lends itself to creativity and people like to shop in a relaxed atmosphere.